November 23, 2023

The Latest Advancements in Glasses Lens Technology

The Latest Advancements in Glasses Lens Technology

Eyewear technology has made remarkable progress in recent years, significantly enhancing your options for correcting and clarifying your vision. Here’s a look at three lens technologies that are revolutionizing the way many people see the world.

1. DIMS lenses

Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) lenses are specialized eyewear that help correct vision and slow down the progression of myopia. Their specially designed multifocal lenses can correct central vision and defocus peripheral vision so light entering the eye from these outward angles is properly focused against the retina. This technology has been shown to reduce the continual lengthening of the eyeball that is characteristic of progressive myopia.

Additionally, some anti-myopia glasses include blue light filters to reduce eye fatigue caused by digital devices. At Optometrists’ Clinic Inc., we carry Myopia Management lenses designed to help slow the progression of myopia, including Zeiss MyoCare and Zeiss MyoVision.

2. Digitally surfaced lenses

Digitally surfaced glasses lenses represent a significant advancement in lens manufacturing technology. They’re created using a diamond-point lathe cutter controlled by computer software, which enables precision and customization previously unattainable with traditional lens-making methods.

One of the most notable benefits of digitally surfaced lenses is the reduction of optical aberrations, resulting in crisper and clearer vision. Digitally surfaced lenses can be polished within 1/100th of a diopter of your prescription. Additionally, digital surfacing allows for personalized lens designs, including freeform and progressive lenses, offering wearers enhanced visual acuity and a broader field of view.

3. Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses have become a popular choice for individuals seeking eyewear that adapts to changing light conditions. These lenses contain special compounds that react to UV light, causing them to darken when exposed to sunlight and return to their clear state indoors.

This light-sensitive technology provides the convenience of having both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses in one. Beyond their practicality, these lenses also offer UV protection, shielding the eyes from harmful rays. Some advanced photochromic options can change rapidly, providing a seamless visual experience even in rapidly changing lighting conditions.

If you want clear vision and a glare-free experience, Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. carries ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses as well as transitions lenses.

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