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We offer thorough eye tests to all the family using the latest technology to ensure accurate results. All our tests are personalised to your specific needs. Most eye tests are provided free at source courtesy of the NHS but if you're unsure if you qualify for a free test please contact us.

Crucially, unlike most optician practices, we never set our staff sales targets or pay them commission based on upgrading your frames or lenses. That way you can be assured our advice is based on your needs, not shareholders’ profits.

Children’s Eyecare

You’re never too young for an eye-test, but it’s especially vital if you suspect a squint or abnormality is present in your child’s eyes. We can test children practically from birth and if glasses are required, we stock hundreds of children’s frames. Fees for most glasses are covered by NHS, as are replacements for damaged or lost glasses up to 16th birthday.

Home Visits

If you are infirm or too unwell to attend the practice we can visit you at home for a free NHS eye-test. We are your local home-visit specialists, offering this service for over 15 years. That's why we're trusted by several care-homes and other practices across the country to provide their domiciliary eyecare. Unlike other home-visit opticians we don't charge a call out fee and we never set our staff sales targets. Ask your current home-visit optician if they can say they same.

Emergency Eyecare

Optician practices, not the GP, are now your first port of call should you have any eye problem. If you have eye discomfort or pain, redness or reduced vision call us urgently. As an independent prescribing opticians we have the experience and knowledge to treat or appropriately refer you. All our emergency tests are free of charge, covered by the NHS.

Myopia management

Myopia, or short-sightedness to give its usual name is a common feature from the teenage years on. If unchecked it can cause major eye-health problems in later life as well as cosmetically and expensive glasses. Until recently it was not possible to check its progression but modern technology now allow myopia to be slowed significantly. Both our practices are delighted to offer myopia management. Please contact us for further information or read our blog on myopia for more information.


Optical Coherence Tomography is the latest word in diagnostic technology. Similar to ultra sound but many times more refined it can be used to assess the anterior and posterior eye-health to an incredibly accurate degree. Ideal for monitoring both acute and progressive eye conditions it is strongly recommended to all patients. Currently available in our East Kilbride practice it will feature inJohnstone from June 2024.

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